Ke$ha Invites Fans To Send Her Their Teeth

Reigning slutwave queen Ke$ha is requesting than fans send her their teeth in order for her to make a necklace she hopes to wear at a future awards show. Apparently one fan has already done so in the past, and Kesha has taken to wearing the single tooth around her neck. Not content with just the one, she is now actively campaigning for more teeth in order to complete a more elaborate piece of jewelry.

At first, Rocks Off was convinced that the singer was simply having some fun on Facebook or perhaps looking to stock up once her own fall out from brushing them with a bottle of Jack Daniels, but as the days continue to go by she has repeated her request..

Fan reactions have been mixed.

"Why the hell do you want our teeth?" asked Angelica Matevosian. "Just because you're famous doesn't mean we have to do what you say."

"I wouldn't mind her using it for sexual pleasure," said Mallory Rose Atwell. "I'd be her slave any day."

"Ok, this is a weird request," said Celena Page Towne. "My children and I are all fans. They are still losing their baby teeth. I guess I could send one of each of their teeth."

"Seriously?" said Jennifer Villegas. "That's nasty. I think this is a little overboard... not to mention not very hygienic."

Fans who are interested in complying with the pop star's request are invited to send their teeth to the following address:

Ke$ha PO Box 120479 Nashville, TN 37212

Rocks Off was unable to find out definitively whether or not it is legal to send human body parts through the U.S. Mail. Various Web sites that claim affiliation with the Tooth Fairy offer only email congratulation services and do not encourage the mailing of your children's teeth for cash.

Many dental schools require students to acquire teeth for study, but these are generally found by asking local dentists for extraction. We suggest you contact your local post office to avoid legal issues.

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