Kill Us Now, Please

Keep Your Tired Love-Song Cliches off My Mixtape

I'm a firm believer in the old adage "Never date someone who makes you a mixtape," so please don't break that rule this Valentine's Day and proceed with your plans to create a mixtape full of love songs.

Yes, throwing some romantic songs together may seem like a cheap way to get out of having to buy a gift, but trust me. No good can come from it.

Think about it; you're giving the person you love a montage of songs about dying in his or her arms and watching every step he or she takes. If this person is smart, he or she will run. Nothing screams needing a protection order like a CD full of songs about stalking.

I'm a realist, though, and I know that despite my fair warning, there will still be a few of you who tempt fate by putting together those songs for your significant other. While I question your sanity, I admire your tenacity, so I'm going to help you out.

Below is a guide to the most overused love-song clichés; avoid them on your mixtape at all costs. You'll thank me, I promise.

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Angelica Leicht
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