Kelly Rowland Gives Jersey Nip-Slip A "Kanye Shrug"

From the Very Important News That You Need To Know RIGHT NOW Dept: Former (current?) Houstonian Kelly Rowland, who has gone from Destiny's Child second banana to R&B's leading summer seductress behind smash single "Motivation," popped out of her dominatrix-like outfit during a show in West Orange, N.J., Sunday night. Gawker has the scoop, sandwiched between items about the late Amy Winehouse throwing a $25K Alexander McQueen dress onto a barbecue grill and Jennifer Lopez's apparent addiction to Spanx. (See what you guys are missing?)

Instead of FREAKING OUT, Rowland laughed off the whole thing. "I hope you enjoyed the show and didn't mind the peekaboo LOL!!!" she posted on Twitter, adding the hashtags #kanyeshrug and #stuffhappens. Perhaps it's not that surprising, considering how much her getup resembles Janet Jackson's attire during her own infamous peekaboo moment during Jackson's 2004 Super Bowl halftime show at Reliant Stadium.

In SLIGHTLY more relevant Rowland news, the Arena Theatre's Web site says it is trying to reschedule the singer's July 29 show, which was postponed due to her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. This is the second time Rowland has delayed an Arena appearance, and if "Motivation" keeps blowing up, by the time she does get to Houston a better place to look for her might be Warehouse Live, Verizon Wireless Theater or even Toyota Center.

Just sayin'. Personally, Rocks Off is hoping "Kanye shrug" catches on. We like it. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Tuesday.

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