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Kevin Fowler Keeps Hangin' In and Hangin' On

Texas country rocker Kevin Fowler doesn't just have a new record label, he's also got a brand new back-to-the-basics kind of attitude.

Shortly after Fowler signed with Lyric Street Records in 2010, the record label shut its doors, and Fowler was transferred to the label's parent company, Disney Music Group. After the label went under, Fowler was able to reclaim his song catalog and decided to give fans a taste of his old hits from his last five albums. The CD is called Best of So Far.

During his time with Lyric Street, Fowler grabbed some hits including "Beer Season" and "Pound Sign," which became his first Top 40 country hit.

And this wasn't the first time Fowler ever had to face the fallout of a defunct label. Fowler released two albums, Loose, Loud and Crazy and Bring It On, via Clint Black's indie label Equity Music Group before it shut the doors for good.

When asked about his bad luck with record labels in a 2011 article for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Fowler responded, "The two things I kill best, that's beer and record labels."

The name of his latest album, Chippin' Away, released on Average Joe's Entertainment Group (co-founded by country rapper Colt Ford) in 2011, sums up the way Fowler feels about his career, where it's been and where it's going.

"It just kind of summed up my career lately," Fowler agrees. "We just keep on chippin' away. Nothin' has every come easy for me, I don't care whatever it is, but we keep hangin' in and hangin' on."

And he keeps on chiseling out the hits. Fowler's latest album has produced four successful singles, with his latest, "Here's to Me and You," holding the top rungs of the Texas Music Chart. The single held the No. 1 slot for three weeks, and a video was also recently released.

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