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Kick It Out: 9 Other Great Songs by Heart

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Heart is one of the most enduring, influential, and underrated rock bands of all time. They aren't afraid to tell you how they feel -- even if they are in a pissed-off mood as they seem to be a good portion of the time with classics like "Barracuda," "Heartless," and "Even It Up."

For those of use that don't have fancy satellite radio, we hear the same 3-5 Heart songs ad infinitum. So we decided to go back into their vault and see what other amazing songs we could find.

9. How Can I Refuse

In 1983, Heart underwent some personnel changes with former Montrose drummer Denny Carmassi and Spirit bassist Mark Andes. What Carmassi and Andes did was give Heart a much-needed musical facelift. The best thing about this Passionworks-era track is that it shows that Heart can perform a hard rockin' love song.

8.Cook With Fire

Heart is known for their gritty, Zeppelin-like, rock sound. This track sounds like Barracuda...with more octane! It shows off Ann's near-screaming vocals and Roger Fisher's heavily accented guitar playing.

7.Ring Them Bells (w/ Layne Staley)

In some ways, this is Heart's way of passing on the torch to a new generation of Seattle-based musicians, like Alice In Chains. After 1993's Desire Walks On, Heart didn't release a new album until 2004's Jupiter's Darling.

6. Dreamboat Annie (reprise)

On their debut album of the same title, Heart decided to make not one, but three versions of the title song. Surprisingly enough, all three versions are the bones that make their debut a classic to go with hits Magic Man and Crazy On You.

5. Little Queen

This is a little-heard track where Heart shows some attitude and even anger.

4. Soul of the Sea

This is one of Heart's earliest ballads. However, its not a love ballad per se but rather one that incorporates aspects of love into everyday life.

3. Bebe Le Strange

This was the last album of their early years that was a major hit. The next would be their 1985 self-titled smash.

2.Wild Child

Heart clearly has a formula with their music: high octane hard rock with a little softness. When they came to the Woodlands in 2008 with Cheap Trick and Journey, this was their opener.

1. White Lightning and Wine

The Wilson sisters show their wild streak with their ode to the after effects of the songs namesake. Ann said on their 2007 DVD Dreamboat Annie Live "never mix white lightning and wine PLEASE...didn't know that back then."

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