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Kidney Trouble Forces Rapper P.O.S. to Cancel Tour

Rapper P.O.S. -- real name Stefon Alexander -- has canceled his anticipated fall tour because of health reasons; namely, he says, his need for a new kidney. In a YouTube video released this past week, the Minneapolis-bred artist got fans up to speed on his trials, saying he's been on dialysis for a month and had hoped to do it on the road.

P.O.S. was due to be in Houston November 16 at Fitzgerald's with Bad Rabbits, but that show has obviously been scuttled. Once he gets a new kidney, he hopes to be back on the road. Health comes first.

Our friends at City Pages up in in the Twin Cities detailed their local rapper's troubles late Friday.

An excerpt from Erik Thompson's post:

Just days before P.O.S.' highly-anticipated new album, We Don't Even Live Here, is set to be released, the Doomtree MC has just had to postpone his entire upcoming 2-1/2 week U.S. tour (with the exception of his First Avenue show on October 26, which is still on) due to health concerns and his imminent need for a kidney transplant.

Stef explains, "Both of my kidneys are garbage. They've been going bad since I was a teenager." He reveals that he has been on dialysis for the past month, and thought he could continue with that type of treatment while on the road, but doctors have advised him otherwise.

You can check out P.O.S' YouTube clip here, and in the meantime, let's all send the man some love in this trying time. I saw him at the Warped Tour a few years back and he was a beast.

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