Kiesza & Betty Who Bring Retro Magic to Fitz

Kiesza, Betty Who Fitzgerald's April 2, 2015

A Kiesza/Betty Who tour makes so much sense that it's actually kind of surprising that it happened. It's a pairing so natural that it feels like cheating to put them on the same bill.

We're talking two dance-friendly singers who released their major-label debuts within weeks of each other, and who both sound more retro than they do Top 40 but manage to do so without stepping on each other's toes.

If they could pull off what they do in the studio live, then you're looking at a no-lose situation for everyone involved. But no matter how good things look on paper, you have to play the show and see how things turn out. And in the case of Kiesza and Betty Who, they both crushed it in their own ways.

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