Killer/Killer: Mike Terror's Making Dick Jokes and No More Kemo for Emo?

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We got a note from Larry Fenix, formerly of Kemo for Emo and now serving in Mike Terror's band that he and Terror were tackling a new side project called Killer/Killer. We got a chance to check out their debut song, "Hardy All the Time" on the band's Facebook page, a harsh electronic foray into complete throbbing debauchery.

"'Hardy All the Time' sets the stage for the future of this project," said Terror. "Sound-wise, it will be pop electronica... with hints of influence from roots in punk, metal, and a bit of hip hop... maybe. Lyrically, you can expect a range of subject matter. This song leans on the third leg mostly. It's romantic."

According to "Hardy All the Time," romance is apparently telling a woman you're going to fill her more full of semen than a submarine. By the way, have you considered how clever that pun is? A submarine has a crew of around 150 people, and the United States only began allowing women to serve on them recently. Mostly it's a sausage fest down in the tubes, so Terror is discharging like a solid billion bits of love into his honey according to him. That's a lot.

We digress.

Currently the main plans for Killer/Killer is to work alongside Mike Terror, with possible shows and a music video appearing next year. Fenix in particular is delighted with the new direction he and Terror are exploring.

"I think Killer/Killer will allow the lighter humorous side of Mike and I to shine through," said Fenix. "We really are funny guys and if anyone has hung out with Brian from Kemo for Emo or any of the guys in Mike Terror, they would know that the language gets raunchy very fast when we are all together. On top of that Mike and I are huge fans of pop. Pop is not something that we can always associate in our other bands. Killer/Killer just allows us both to let our inner Britney Spears out."

The question that this leaves unanswered is what does that mean for the future of Kemo for Emo, the four time HPMA nominees for best punk band?

Feniz and Brian Gibbs still seek replacements for drummer Matt Martinez and guitarist Jake Rawls, who exited the band in November of last year. They've begun auditioning drummers recently, and hope to begin putting together a group to showcase the songs Fenix and Gibbs continue to write.

Meanwhile, Rawls has also moved. He's been working for a year preparing his new rock band Sundown Audio for public consumption.

"I promise I'm not just saying this for grins when I say that with all due respect to my bandmates of the past, musically this is easily the best project I've ever been a part of." Said Rawls.

Sundown Audio will be performing at the Texas Buzz at Scout Bar on December 11.

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