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KILT Hosts Record Incisive Michael Berry Rap Song

Conservative talk-radio host Michael Berry has been in the headlines citywide this week after Channel 2 News first aired a report that HPD is investigating a hit-and-run incident outside Montrose bar TC's. KPRC's Stephen Dean talks to one of the club's bouncers who says on camera that one night last month, he watched Berry's SUV back up about 70 feet and hit his car.

Now Berry, whom the report says was attending a drag show inside the bar at at the time, has become inducted into a not-very-exclusive club. Like many other controvery-engulfed celebrities before him, he's been immortalized on the Internet by a rap song by a pair of sports-radio hosts.


SportsRadio 610 afternoon hosts Josh Innes and Rich Lord of the J&R (2-6 p.m.) program recorded "Michael Berry Rap" and posted it on the station's Web site Thursday afternoon. In the interest of public service, here are the trenchant lyrics:

Josh Innes: He whine and he bitch, everything out his lips Hanging out in the club but he don't want chicks

Michael Berry, Michael Berry!

Rich Lord: You're a sick man.

Innes:Innes: Michael Berry, Michael Berry!

Lord: There's a promo.

Innes:Innes: He'll back into your car, and then he'll leave the scene He's a jerk on the air, but tonight he's a queen

Innes:Michael Berry, Michael Berry!

Lord (laughing): You're just a bad person.

Innes: Michael Berry, Michael Berry!

Lord: You're going straight to hell.

Rocks Off can't imagine this having to do with the fact that Berry's show airs on a competing station, if not opposite Innes and Lord's time slot.

Listen to the song on KILT's Web site if you must. Otherwise file this under "30 Seconds of My Life I'll Never Get Back" like we have.

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