Kirko Bangz, OG Ron C, Delo, Marium Echo & More Launch New Music

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The other day, Boy B woke up screaming like a madman. He said he'd had a "terrible" dream, that "We were in a volcano with lava. The volcano had a door. And Daddy was in the volcano being burned."

This happened while I was at work (I'm usually gone before anyone else wakes up). Wife tried to console him, saying that she'd seen me before I left and that I, in fact, had not fallen into any volcanoes, doored or otherwise, during the course of the evening. His fears were not alleviated. Boy A offered a solution: "Let's listen to the radio."

The boys already love music; I'm stoked about that. They have a small radio in their room that they turn on during naps and a handheld one (one of those ones for camping that you wind up to make work) that they carry around intermittently.

Boy B agreed. So they turned it on. The song that was playing? Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain." The very next song? The theme song from goddamn Armageddon. Sometimes the radio is a real bitch.

Here's some stuff that you won't hear on the radio:

Kirko Bangz landed on BET Wednesday. He was there talking about the remixed version of "Drank in My Cup." Watch it. It's pretty charming how he works to not appear nervous.

OG Ron C and his Army of Chop spent some time working over some underground Houston rap albums (as God intended). The ones they did: Delo's Hood Politics Vol. 3, Le$'s Menace and Mug's Money and Pain. Download all three of those.

Flip over to the second verse of this song here: "Broken Safety." It's Rob Gullatte and it is fantastic. He has become an unpredictably dangerous rapper; not dangerous as in "I'll stab you for no real reason," but dangerous as in "I am capable of making a song that will just shit all over that stuff you other rappers have been spamming on Twitter." So, so good. (Note: He might stab you too. I don't know. Just be careful, is what I'm saying.)

**This song is called "Katrina." It's by a newer guy named Express. It has Jack Freeman on the hook. Neat.

Chingo Bling has a new movement going on called C.L.A.P. There's a song to go with it. If you ignore the whole STD thing, it's fun to say.

This one isn't necessarily rap, so sorry for that, but it absolutely needs to be mentioned: Marium Echo, who remains among the greatest singers we've ever seen, has (finally) set up a Bandcamp page. Her tape is $5 to download. It could've been $50 and we would've still paid for it. She is brilliant. There are no two ways about it.

Here's Scottie Spitten and D. Rose doing things that are interesting.

New guy: AVE11. Fun music: "Rolling Stone."

G.T. Garza is a guy that not enough words are written about. He's really good. Also, he has braces, and being concerned with your teeth has to count for something. Here's his most recent tape, a hearty effort called Batteries Not Included 2. It's strong. More commentary will come later, for certain.

Two songs from everyone's favorite heady rapper, O.N.E.: the poptastic "I Know Better," featuring Shun Ward, and "The One," featuring Bryan Angel. It'd be really great if tomorrow morning everyone woke up five times smarter than they were when they went to sleep because then O.N.E. would have five times as many fans as he does today.

Instead, he'll likely float around underappreciated for a bit before deciding to call it quits. Thanks a lot, fuckers.

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