Kirko Bangz Poised To Blow Up Big With "Drank In My Cup"

How good was Kirko Bangz' hit "What Yo' Name Iz"? So good that it eventually a) earned him a deal with Warner Bros; b) secured him a DJ Drama hosted mixtape; and c) earned him an untold number of female fans, despite the fact that, in it, he talks to them in a less than respectful manner.

When he turned on his mechanized charm for the robo-airspace of "What Yo Name Iz," brandishing tattoos(!), muscles(!), straight teeth(!), confidence(!) and dominant jaw line(!) in the video, he became King, the sexiest bizarro Fascist in Houston history. It twisted agro-questions ("What yo' fuckin' name is") and curt observations ("Bitch, here come yo' man) into gorgeous prose. It's landed him over 524,000 Youtube views already, son.

Yesterday, he released his follow-up track and album precursor, "Drank In My Cup," a saucy, sexy, catchy aggregate of mechanized thumps and machismo. This time around, Bangz is a more aggressively lyrically, particularly in the second stanza of the first verse ("I don't ride the toll, don't pay with change; I'm EZ Tag like Peter Pan").

It's indicative of the type of marksmanship he showed on his last mixtape, PK3, and potentially points to a more developed and achieved debut album.

So how good is this one, produced by the same team that produced "What Yo' Name Iz"? So good that The Box's morning crew felt compelled to play it three times in a row when they premiered it yesterday, drawing more and more effusive praise each time.

It's above. Listen to it there. Download it here. Load it in your iPod and learn all of the words. In the meantime, watch your femme.

Kirko has re-upped his female dictator status.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.