Pop Life

Know Your Subgenre: The Bros(tep)

Subgenre: Brostep Parent Genre: Dubstep

Imagine that you're a genre of music. You've been on the underground for a few years taking the sounds of your parents and evolving in to something new. For a long time few noticed but the last few years have been different. People started paying attention to what you were doing and then bigger, richer people started taking your sound and putting it in their hits. Your big moment is just up ahead, you can feel it.

And then your hyper, overaggressive little brother swoops in and steals all of your glory. He goes on to get Grammy nominations and high profile collaborations. Before you know it, not only is he more popular, people are starting to confuse you for him. They come up to you in the clubs and instead of talking about the things they like about your music they describe your little brother.

Congratulations: you are Dubstep, and your little brother is Brostep.

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