Korn Was Not A F**king Emo Show At Sold-Out Verizon

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2Cents took the stage next after dancing along to Mickey Avalon's 'My Dick' during intermission. The group's lead singer, Adam O'Rourke, is also the band's drummer, which is impressive if for no other reason than his ability to ignore his awkwardly scrunched diaphragm and belt out the lyrics. He also managed to taunt the crowd into moshing.

"Is this a fucking emo concert?" O'Rourke said to the crowd, halfway through 2Cents' second song. "Is Dashboard Confessional up next? Do you guys need some razors to cut yourselves?"

At this point, the crowd was pissed, but from what Aftermath could tell, that was the point. "Or is this a fucking metal concert?" he asked, as the crowd shouted and screamed in agreement. "So punch someone in the face!"

We're all for metal and moshing, but Aftermath always thought fists and elbows were for brawls, not moshes. Maybe the rules have changed. For the rest of 2Cents' set, we stayed away from the pit.

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