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KTRU Flap Inspires Downfall Parody, Uncle Charlie Poster

As of Wednesday morning, the Save KTRU Facebook page is up to almost 1,500 members, another petition is circulating at and Rocks Off has heard that KTRU supporters have already received sizable financial support for a potential legal action against the university. More on that soon, we're sure.

Meanwhile, a plethora of local musicians are headed down to KTRU's The Local Show from 8-10 p.m. tonight for a blowout that will reportedly conclude with a singalong to Culturcide's "Telephone Road." Scheduled to appear so far are Dead Roses, Twisted Wires, Fiskadoro, Giant Princess, B L A C K I E, Darwin's Finches, Clockpole, Future Blondes, Hell City Kings, The Energy, Scott Ayers (Pain Teens, Truth Decay), Anarchitex, Indian Jewelry, Satin Hooks, Blades, Chase Hamblin and Dan Workman (Culturcide).

Primo Houston poster artist Uncle Charlie has also printed up a batch of "Save KTRU" posters, which you can see above and will be available for free at Sig's Lagoon - remember, it's in the "Wallpaper" block of buildings across Winbern Street from the Continental Club now - starting Wednesday.

And, inevitably, the KTRU controversy has been awarded perhaps the highest honor the Internet can bestow: It has now inspired its own Downfall parody. See it after the jump.

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