Kyle Hubbard Is Officially High and, Dudes, Officially Pay Attention Already

That's Kyle Hubbard. He's a rapper. We've written about several times in the past. Still, every time for all of history of the earth of all time every blog post about him will start with "That's Kyle Hubbard. He's a rapper." because you foolishly foolish fools simply will not afford him the respect he deserves. Like, I mean, this song here:

That's "Official High," the sleepy, bluesy, unsuspectingly standout from his album You're Not That Special, which, if you'll remember crept up on a handful of Best Of year-end lists (clawing its way all the way up to the Houston Chronicle's third place spot, all the most impressive considering it was an all-genres contest). It is, in two words, enjoyable shit.

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Perhaps some of the blame lies at Kyle Hubbard's nondescript John Everyman shoes -- when we asked him why he chose that song to make a video, he replied, "It was one of the more popular songs off the album," to which we replied, "So, like, eight or nine people said they liked it," to which he replied, "[laughs] It was 12. Maybe 15. It was 11."

Or perhaps some of the blame lies with the Internet's ability to swallow up an uncountable number of songs -- as of writing this, there are more than 45,000 unread emails from rappers in our inbox. Or perhaps all of you dummies are you really just a bunch of dumb dummies.

Who knows? Not you. But you can know. Just go see Hubbard perform tomorrow at Fitzgerald's. He's there with Roosh Williams (also tough tamales), Paul Wall, Lil Keke and more.

Follow Kyle Hubbard on Twitter at @KyleHubbardHTX.

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