Lady Love: My Top 5 Girl Crushes of 2011

These ladies aren't just easy on the eyes -- they're easy on the ears, too. They may not have much in common with each other, but what they do have in common is beauty, brains, talent and a new record in 2011. This year was a big one for women in rock and each one of these dames, at some point over the past 12 months, has made me curse my desk job, wishing just a little bit that I made a living rocking people's asses. They made me dance in my adjustable swivel chair, long for porcelain skin, a Swedish accent and messy tresses down to my waist. These are my top five girl crushes of 2011.

#5. Annie Clark, St. Vincent (Strange Mercy)

#4. Lykke Li (Wounded Rhymes)

#3. Madeline Follin, Cults (Cults)

#2. Alexis Krauss, Sleigh Bells (Reign of Terror, forthcoming)

#1. Dum Dum Girls (Only in Dreams)

Another gorgeous gal caught your eye and rocked your world this year? Let me know who else should be on this list in comments section!

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Ginny Braud
Contact: Ginny Braud