Land Of Confusion: A Google+ Playlist

About a week ago, we finally took up a friend's Google+ invite offer, and immediately starting tooling around the search engine's new social-media outlet. In Google's words, the new site "makes sharing on the Web feel like sharing in real life." That sounds cool, but we already have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and blogs to do that, right?

Nah, it's supposed to be so much better and more awesome than all those combined, so much so that some friends of ours have deleted their Twitter and Facebook accounts in lieu of Google+. No one will delete their Tumblr accounts, because free porn and memes cancel everything else out.

As a music guy, we were first interested in how to share music on Google+. You can post songs and videos just about anywhere else, and can start "hangouts" to watch music videos on YouTube with friends as well, although only one person has sat in on one of our video sessions.

It was creepy '80s day too. Baltimora, anyone?

This all came in the same week that music site Klout came to American Internet shores too, which melted our brains. You will pry Rdio from these cold dead ears before know what? We haven't tried Klout yet.

Google+ came with all the familiar trappings of starting an account on a new social networking site: Looking for people you know, staking your corner in cyberspace, creating a profile, choosing a picture to identify yourself (we picked one with an AR-15, natch), and finally sitting back and trying figure the damned thing out. Circles? What are Circles? Is there a Spark for tattooed girls in lingerie?

Then there comes the conclusion that you already share way too much as it is, even if you know it's for the betterment of your music blog (like this guy) and mankind in turn. Another place to interact and intimate your feelings? As if we all need another ego-driven site to stare into like a vortex. It will just turn into the same ol' vain situation over at Twitter and Facebook, with the haughty hordes posting vacation/baby/food pictures to make us jealous, confused, and hungry.

Of course, it's the early days of the site, so we are still stretching our legs. We even downloaded the Google+ app for our space phone last night. Along with a Star Wars app with all kinds of cool light saber sounds, which we played with longer than the Google+ app.

So we have that going for us. White people problems, indeed. And we aren't even really white.

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Craig Hlavaty
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