Larry Cooper

Larry Cooper's songs drawl out in that deep-voiced Dave Alvin vein, all roots rock and jangle. Cooper has been in all sorts of bands locally and probably enjoyed his rocking heyday in Under the Sun with P.J. Flowers and in Personality Crisis with Willie Dunivan in the late 1990s, when both bands were regulars at Blue Iguana. During the past few years, Cooper has been lead guitarist in Lisa Novak's band and, along with Richard Cagle, produced Lee Alexander's Out of Place, which figured prominently in the Houston Press 2006 Music Awards nominations.

Like most of our local heroes, Larry Cooper would probably like to make money, have hit songs, sell out arenas and ride around in limousines while industry lackeys open his beer, iron his shirts and furnish his drugs. But in lieu thereof he appears to be quite happy and healthy playing with his new band, working in the studio with the next crop of up-and-comers like punkers Kemo For Emo, and quietly polishing the songs for his next record, an acoustic duo with rising guitarist Will "Young Master" Woodward, in coffee shops and little out-of-the-way bars.

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William Michael Smith