Last Call to Vote For the 2015 Houston Press Music Award Nominees

Last call is nobody’s favorite part of a night out. About the only upshot is it means there’s not much more damage you can do to your bank account, except maybe that cab or Uber home. But last call comes to us all, and this morning is last call for voting in the 2015 Houston Press Music Awards.

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a complete shock. You must have at least seen a few last-ditch appeals by the hundreds of nominees (or more than a few) scrolling by on Facebook in the past few days; we certainly have. Anticipation is building until the winners are announced next Thursday at Warehouse Live, but we’re not quite there yet. General admission tickets are sold out, so only a few VIP spots remain.

Vote here. Tell your friends.

?Voting ends one minute before midnight. Tonight. That means there’s still plenty of time left, but the clock is ticking.

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