Last Night: 12th Planet At 4500 Washington Avenue

12th Planet 4500 Washington Avenue June 14, 2012

Let's just say this wasn't your average college night at 4500 Washington Avenue.

Thursday, due to the Rich's situation (still closed), the 12th Planet show was moved to 4500 Washington Avenue. No, not Stereo Live. As soon as I heard this news all I could think about was, "can Avenue handle such an event?"

The answer is yes.

Although Avenue is not your typical venue for a EDM show, it at least provided a dance floor and plenty to drink. It was not a jam-packed house; regardless, everyone was having a great time.

Last time 12th Planet, aka John Dadzie, hit Houston, he was onstage at Rich's with Skrillex. This time he took to the table himself, providing one heck of a jungle/drum-and-bass set and throwing dubstep sporadically throughout the night.

Avenue has never had a concert, so in all honesty I didn't know what to expect. I kept tweeting and thinking over the previous days, "This should be one interesting night." And of course it was.

However, there were a few problems in my eyes. At the beginning, it was hard to hear when 12th Planet was announced to come on. And due to the arrangement of the venue it wasn't quite easy to see if Dadzie had taken to the stage. Or the stage that there was.

Plexiglas separated the DJ booth from rented-out tables or booths just a few feet below. On the dance floor looking up towards the DJ booth was a tight spot; your eyes had to be fixated on Dadzie at right spot at the right time.

But all that didn't stop the music from going, although there seemed to be some techniqchal problems at the beginning. From what I've noticed at every single EDM show I've been to in Houston, sound engineers have a tough job.

No worries, though. After a few moments of silence and drunkards yelling, "where the hell is the music?" and "I want bass," the music hit hard. Things seemed to blurred to me, and time went by oh so quickly. I kept telling myself, "didn't the music just start?"

Now, 12th Planet may not be a big name to some, but the man has been in the game since 2006 and has made several appearances at events such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella. Ultra and more. Fortunately, this show gave me a preview of Electric Forest in Michigan.

Since I will be seeing Dadzie once again at Electric Forest, I figured mind as well take last nights show as a preview for what I will be seeing later this month. If he is anything like Thursday, I have a feeling he'll have his game turned up even more. Due to the massive crowd numbers, I know I can expect at least one great show of many.

12th Planet constantly works with Flinch and Skrillex on tracks "Father Said" and "Needed Change," and has collaborated with various other dubstep artists such as Datsik, Doctor P and Skream. Many DJs even use 12th Planet's productions and remixes in their live sets, but Thursday he wasn't scared to throw in other peoples work and make it his own. Skrillex seemed to be used constantly, but considering the two are L.A. locals and friends, so it all makes sense.

The lights may have not been spectacular, but the music was still intriguing. Let's just say Thursday, 12th Planet gave 4500 Washington Avenue a new name and perhaps a new outlook. Maybe more shows will roll through the venue whether or not Rich's gains new management. Time can only tell.

Personal Bias: To be honest, I was not looking forward the the show being here. I didn't know if a lounge-type club could typically handle the scene. But I was impressed, although I will say I prefer the bigger crowd setting.

The Crowd: It was college night. For once everyone seemed to be around the same age.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I need more bass!" [I don't personally think that Avenues sound system could handle the amount of bass you wanted, dear crowd, but bass was provided.]

Random Notebook Dump: Why the hell am I wearing jeans? It's hot as hell.

Another Notebook Dump: This venue sure made it hard to get pictures, but it's nice to get a preview for Electric Forest.

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