Last Night: Baauer & Danny Brown at Fitzgerald's

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Baauer, Danny Brown Fitzgerald's April 09, 2013

At first glimpse, packing a horde of subjects into the throne room of the EDM version of Game of Thrones' King Joffrey shouldn't be hard. After all, Scoremore had pulled the feat off when hosting its grand-mansion SXSW afterparty spot, The Illmore.

On that particular night, Baauer teamed with Just Blaze to tear the house apart with wall-slamming mixes of heavy bass, frantic drum switches and then some. It felt like Temple Run on crack, the world's greatest treadmill moment. Only this wasn't a one-shot in the gym; you got to celebrate with your friends and complete strangers who all wanted to party.

If an experiment works in that rather intimate setting, watching Baauer toss out sped-up records of Waka Flocka Flame, Chief Keef and other bastions of nihilism for a more-than-eclectic looking crowd at Fitzgerald's on behalf of Scoremore Tuesday night felt like a grand procession: jumping kids and trance-like figurines contorting in weird positions left and right. The Philly-born, NYC-based producer chugged beers, flanged his arms left and right like a mad scientist, and piqued our interests with questions -- usually revolving around the end phrase "Turn Up!"

Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On" got twisted into position, as did TNGHT's "Goooo." And while the current king of spastic EDM didn't employ TNGHT's other monster single "Higher Ground" into position to rile up the crowd, he made certain to save his own "Harlem Shake" for a rousing finale.

By then, either the music or the constant movement had sobered you up. Hours beforehand, you couldn't even begin to imagine what sobriety felt like while watching Danny Brown, his awesome splash of hair and gap-toothed smile work.

Brown runs on pure technicality, a high-pitched yelp of a flow that is more Swishahouse than you can believe at times and less Meek Mill. He's not manic, but he champions the sort of lifestyle that gets you on Kathy Griffin's TV show fondling her with A$AP Rocky-like schoolboys who just discovered breasts for the first time.

Brown's most noted single, "Grown Kids," got shifted to the side on this night, as he led a pack of twentysomethings and late teens into multiple frenzied moments with "Piss Test," his Ab-Soul show-stealer "Terrorist Threats," fan favorite "Blunt After Blunt" and some of his araabMUZIK-produced works such as "Molly Ringwald." Brown is crass, definitely - one of hip-hop's more engaging personalities on and off stage and even courteous to fans.

"Hey baby," he asked one girl nearly passed out. "You know this is a hip-hop show, right? You've never been to a hip-hop show? Grab her some water." He smiled, before once more bouncing around like a wound-up toy for a few more songs. An Adderall Admiral indeed, who at least knows how to let the ladies feel appreciated.

Here's where you can understate Brown's charm so easily. On A$AP Rocky's "1 Train," Brown spits a line so cleverly screwed-up you have to ask questions. "Bitch pussy smell like penguin/ Wouldn't hit that shit with my worst enemy's penis."

He didn't say it last night, but it pretty much sums up Danny Brown for you -- a comic of sorts who makes Louis CK-style observations about life... and vaginal smells.

Personal Bias: EDM crowds are the best.

The Crowd: Full of Miley Cyrus Twerk Enthusiasts.

Overheard In The Crowd: THUNK. It wasn't verbalized but watching a drunk chick stumble right into one of the pillars made for one of the more painfully hilarious moments of the night.

Random Notebook Dump: Walking up to Fitz, an ambulance and fire truck were already positioned outside helping somebody who either had taken one too many drinks or drugs. I guess we never taught kids to game-plan BEFORE artists got onstage.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.