Last Night: Blonde Redhead At Warehouse Live

Blonde Redhead Warehouse Live November 29, 2010

The trio of lead vocalist Kazu Makino and twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace sonically sailed their way into Houston last night to open up their vast palette of musical and visual colors for a packed-out crowd. Many in attendance had anticipated this particular show for months, purchasing tickets far in advance to pay homage to Blonde Redhead's modernly romantic and haunting sounds.

The stage was set with giant photo umbrellas casted in a gold sheen, resembling open flowers. These soon reverberated the blossoms of sound that started at as a low drone and opened up into a flood of guitar strums, electronic blips, polyrhythmic drumbeats and droning bass, as Makino's angelic, otherworldly vocals wove in and out of each song.

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Meghan Hendley