Last Night: Bootsy Collins At Warehouse Live

Bootsy Collins & Funk U-Nity Warehouse Live June 16, 2011

See more fabulous funksmanship in our slideshow.

Funk is good for the soul. There's no denying it. After 12 hours at the office Thursday, Aftermath entered Warehouse Live clenched tight as an oyster. A whopping two and a half hours later, we left loose as a goose. Although geese have always seemed pretty high-strung to us... never mind.

In between, Brother From Another Planet Bootsy Collins and his plus-sized Funk U-Nity band got up on the downstroke and funked away like there was no tomorrow. (There almost wasn't.) Bootsy would leave the stage for long stretches of time while his band did their thang, and return in an even more outlandish costume than the last time, our favorite being an elliptical hat of white ostrich feathers that made the bassist look like the world's funkiest lampshade.

It took Aftermath about half an hour to get out of our uptight (outtasite) head and completely into the groove - to start, in the words of one wise dude we overheard outside, "cheesin'." When you're cheesin', the funk knows no rhyme or reason, so here are our notes from the show exactly as we wrote them down - plus a few texts we sent - beginning shortly before Bootsy yielded the stage to guitarist Blackbird McKnight for a Jimi Hendrix tribute that singed the hair on our chinny chin chin. If you want the short version, this was a MOTHER of a show.

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