Last Night: Chickenfoot at Bayou Music Center

Chickenfoot Bayou Music Center May 29, 2012

To quote a signature Sammy Hagar tune, "There's only one way to rock." For the legendary Sammy Hagar, his way comes with bells, whistles and this time teaming up with legends such as Joe Satriani and Van Halen's Michael Anthony, among others.

Chickenfoot opened Tuesday's show at Bayou Music Center with the blisteringly amazing "Lighten Up." One cannot help but wonder how awesome it is to have a talent such as Joe Satriani team up with the likes of Hagar, Michael Anthony and drummer Kenny Aronoff, Chad Smith's temporary replacement.

Along with Hagar and the rest of the band, he makes up a great team of musicians.

The band made that well known throughout such other songs as "Big Foot" -- for which they showed the funny music video (three words: chicken-costumed man) -- "Something Going Wrong," "Turning Left" and "Future in the Past." The band came out with bells, whistles, and plenty of lasers.

In many ways, it was like what I would imagine it would be like seeing Van Halen when Hagar was the lead vocalist. Chickenfoot sounded a little like Van Halen, but it was more like they were influenced by them. This band is original.

Hagar is a great vocalist and he proved it during "Soap on a Rope" when he sang the songs resounding battle cry: "I got money / I got fame / I got fast cars and everything." The Red Rocker looked like he was having too much fun the whole time.

However, one of the greatest moments was when Hagar broke out his guitar and started playing with Satriani on "Future in the Past." It was a moment to soak in.

Personal Bias: I actually like Sammy Hagar. He is a great vocalist, and I think he doesn't always get the credit that he deserves.

Something Sammy Said: "I look like Keith Richards. I look like Keith Richards on....well, Keith Richards is on everything."

The Crowd: Middle-aged men and some women, maybe late thirties or early forties. They absolutely loved Chickenfoot.

Random Notebook Scribble: Sammy Hagar is like your cool uncle.

Weirdest Piece of Tour Merchandise: Red Chickenfoot underwear that says "You sexy thing." (Then again, there's also KISS condoms.) Oh, and also the Chickenfoot magic 8-ball. I want that magic 8-ball.

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Christina Lynn
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