Last Night: Creed at Bayou Music Center, Night 2

Creed Bayou Music Center May 1, 2012

Read our review of Creed's My Own Prison performance Monday night.

Creed fans were out in full force for the second night of the "2 NIGHTS" tour. The previous night the band performed their 1997 album, My Own Prison, from beginning to end. Tuesday night, it was 1999's multiplatinum Human Clay in its entirety.

Lead singer Scott Stapp and friends opened the show with the appropriately titled and ever headbanger-happy "Are You Ready." They continued their headbanger-friendly set with such songs as "What If," "Beautiful" and "Say I." Many times throughout the show, the crowd (myself included) had their fists held high.

"It's time to take a walk by the river. It's time to face the faceless man," said a calm Stapp shortly before launching into "Faceless Man." The crowd loved it, eating it up.

One of the greatest highlights of the night was when the band launched into "Never Die." "Never Die" has an almost-Nirvana-like sound with a solid groove. (Think "Come As You Are," but this is just my opinion.) Guitarist Mark Tremonti sounded absolutely amazing.

When the band launched into "With Arms Wide Open," nearly everyone in the crowd sang along -- myself included. It was one of those "lighter" (or cellphone light) songs of old. It is a pretty good ballad.

Creed was like a trip down memory lane. It had been a long time since I had heard them.

The Crowd: A bit of a mix between teenagers, young adults and even older adults. Stapp mentioned that many kids have rediscovered the band because their parents played their music to their children and the children liked it. There were also many families present as well.

Personal Bias: Listening to Creed kinda brings back memories of being a high-school freshman.

Random Act of Love: Kevin LaFlash of Houston got up onstage shortly before the band launched into their encore and proposed to his girlfriend, Ashley McDuffy. She said yes. They will definitely have a great story to tell their children when they are old about how they got engaged.

Random Memory Conjured Up: When I got a bass guitar for Christmas, I downloaded the bass tabs for "With Arms Wide Open." I never learned how to play the song.


Are You Ready What If Beautiful Say I Wrong Way Faceless Man Never Die With Arms Wide Open Higher Wash Away Those Years Inside Us All My Own Prison


One Last Breath My Sacrifice

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