Last Night: Dante Higgins Mixtape Release At Midtown Lounge

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11:21: Doughbeezy's up now for real, and he brought a drummer, keyboardist and bass player with him. The tables that were near the stage have been moved to the back and the onlookers have mostly all pushed their way forward. What the shit is going on right now? The energy is already palpable.

11:25: Holy Christ. The band is floating in and out of songs as they please with no breaks in between, the crowd is going yo-yo, The Beez is going yo-yo; he is not dicking around. He hits a couple of songs from his EP and more than a few people know the words.

His star has really shot up towards the cosmos since we first saw him perform at Kickback Sunday in January. This is kind of bananas. It's official: Doughbeezy is the baddest man in Houston wearing a size 6 and a half shoe.

11:29: And there's the first New Houston/Old Houston mention of the evening. It took longer than we were anticipating.

For the unaware, there are multiple brewing subplots that have followed the sudden influx of talented local rappers. A quick summation: There have been two main complaints lobbed towards the new guys, and they've both somehow been leeched from the fact that they have unofficially been dubbed "New Houston."

The first issue is that since there is a name, some people have erroneously concluded that there's an implied exclusionary aspect to the designation, which is entirely incorrect. And the second issue is that if they're "new," then the ones that came before them are, by transitive logic, "old," which would imply that they're defunct and irrelevant and unhip.

This, as it is, is entirely incorrect too. Still, you'll hear plenty more about this in the future, for certain. This debate is going nowhere.

11:31: Oh shit. The Monster has just come sauntering onstage to join Beezy. You have to love guys that saunter.

11:31:04: Man, The Monster's hands are huge; nay, they're HUGE. He holds the microphone like it's a tiny breadstick. He might break your wrists clean in two if he ever decided to high-five you.

11:32: Set's over. Even the sarcastic Ken 2 the Fool is left without words, he simply grabs Beezy's hand and raises it in the air like a prize fighter. Great show. Fuck it, that's it, we're getting a ball fade.

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Shea Serrano