Last Night: Dante Higgins Mixtape Release At Midtown Lounge

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11:38: Oh snap. Delo, one of the upper echelon New Houston sirs, is doing an impromptu two-song set. He starts off with that boom-bap track he favors, stalking around the stage with uncommon rage in his eyes, periodically shouting "AHHHHH!!!!" at nothing in particular. He has a proper set coming up when he opens for Nipsey Hussle in March. Go to that show.

11:44: Propain is here. The three times that we've seen him out he's been wearing one of those puffy bubble vests. There has to be something to that. It can't be coincidence. Nobody likes those vests that much, right? Propain is a paradox.

11:48: There's a black girl dressed in all red at the bar near the restroom. She looks like a chocolate covered strawberry. Awesome.

11:54: Why would anyone ever want to work out that muscle that's in between your shoulder and your neck so that it's all big and bulging? Gross. That shit looks like a mountain range.

12:00: Dante Higgins is up. If you've yet to hear him, please do so. He is wonderful, preternaturally gifted at narration. And he works at a remarkable clip. Rhymes For Weeks is, like, the fifth mixtape he's released this week.

12:04: He's just pulled femme rapper Tawn P. up on stage to perform a song with him from the new tape. They make an interesting duo. Curious to see if she can keep up.

12:06: Okay, Tawn P kinda just lost her mind on her verse. Well done, ma'am. You are officially on the radar.

10:08: A day or so ago Higgins and Doughbeezy sent out their joint take on Kanye and Jay's "H.A.M." and their fan bases went crazy for it. They're doing it now. And the crowd is not displeased.

12:14: Hig's slowed it down some, stepping into the storyteller mode he almost always crushes. He's talking about a woman that broke his heart. The only things he talks about more earnestly are his mother (whom he adores) and his father (whom he doesn't know). It's hard to listen to him when he's absolutely focused and not think that he's marvelous.

12:19: He finishes with his swing at J. Cole's "Blow Up," which is a clever (and auspicious) way to end things. Save the two hashmark lines ("Cause after that, I swear it's goin' down; prom night," etc.), it's a furious three minutes of rap.

Towards the end of the song, the crowd catches onto the cadence and fills in the end of each bar with that "UUUHHHHH!!!" sound that crowds make at rap shows when someone's grabbed their attention fully. The room is throbbing. The music stops and the cheers start.

Ken 2, again allowing the positivity of the moment to completely develop, simply grabs Higgins and hugs him. He's probably about to sell a shit-ton of his CDs. Good stuff. Somebody's probably on Twitter right now saying something about how history was just made. Hyperbole is fun.

Personal Bias: Higgins is one of maybe two or three Houston rappers who can always make a skit on album entertaining. It's to the point now where we almost hope they're on there.

The Crowd: Enjoyed themselves.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Buy me one, buy me one," said the girl to the guy in re: Higgins' CD immediately after the show.

Random Notebook Dump: If you can get yourself fat enough, the back of your head can take on a profile just as distinct as the front.

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