Last Night: Devin The Dude At Warehouse Live

Devin the Dude Warehouse Live April 20, 2011

Rare is the artist that transcends his purpose as entertainment to become an essential ingredient in a fan's lifestyle. That list is a very short one, and Devin the Dude is on it. For weekend cleaning music, you go to RJD2. For coital activities, you turn to The Isley Brothers. For subversive alterations of consciousness, Devin the Dude is your man.

Warehouse Live was packed to the brim with fans ready to alter their consciousness Tuesday night. And while many of them were already higher than the Williams Tower, a good chunk of the concertgoers were waiting for The Dude to arrive so the party could begin. This group held out their perfectly rolled blunts, patiently awaiting Devin's arrival.

They had to persevere through a string of middling openers, including some band led by some guy in a tight-fitting polo. He bounced from one side of the stage to the other, as the rolls of burritos he devoured the previous night tried to bust through his shirt. Whataever they were playing sounded like the stomach rumblings of a dog.

Then came a rousing set by Austin rapper Phranchyze. Remember him? He's the guy who made some good rappers sound like amateurs, en route to a Freestyle crown. Anyway, he had an interesting playlist.

Flanked by two hypemen, each the size of a bearbrick, Phranchyze kicked off his set with a song about how huge his name is. A psychologist might call that self-fulfilling prophecy - a false assertion of a situation that somehow transforms the original definition of the concept to reality.

Another song was entirely about our favorite childhood time-waster, Street Fighter. The chorus, "Up, Down, Left, Right, AB, Start," drew blank stares. His attempt to get the crowd chanting it fell flat. Our guess is that the hook had too many combinations, and it's kinda hard to keep up with combos when you're thoroughly baked.

But this dude has a tattoo of Chun-Li on his arm, so he's awesome in our book.

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