Last Night: Duran Duran at Warehouse Live

Duran Duran Warehouse Live April 6, 2011

Check out our slideshow from the show.

The Duran Duran frenzy began last night before the band even took the stage. Droves of women indiscreetly huddled around the band's tour bus before the show, anticipating a mere glimpse of the '80s pop-rock idols. As band members trickled into Warehouse Live, women screeched with uninhibited glee. And just like that, it was 1982 all over again.

Birmingham's beloved took the stage to a roaring and rapturous crowd. Decked out in sleek black suits, shimmering shirts, and leather jackets, the band looked striking and suave; perhaps a little less 'New-wave Punk' than those nostalgically familiar 80s promos, but otherwise it appeared time has been kind to frontman Simon Le Bon and co. And their hair - was perfect.

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Neph Basedow
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