Last Night: Enrique Iglesias At Reliant Stadium

Enrique Iglesias RodeoHouston, Reliant Stadium March 6, 2012

The last time Enrique Iglesias was in Houston, he rocked Toyota Center with the help of his buddy Pitbull in a show that resembled a New Year's Eve extravaganza. Tuesday night at the Rodeo, with the time restraints and the PG-13 requirements, it may not have been New Year's, but it was still one hell of a dance party.

Rodeo security had their hands full with the Latin heartthrob and his rowdy fans. Enrique seemingly had one too many espresso shots before the show, moving from the main stage to the B-stage, to the fence on one side of the stadium and the barrier on the opposite end, each time interacting with his adoring fans.

"This is crazy, huh?!" he mused, obviously fueled by all of the attention. He pleaded with security to go easy with the girls who jumped the barrier. "Relax guys! We're in Texas! Let them through!"

He finally settled down for a moment to pull a beautiful lady named Norma over the rail and onto the B-stage, where he serenaded her with "Hero." Norma was literally shaking in her boots, alternating between hugging the singer and waving to the crowd.

"Is that your husband?" asked Enrique, pointing to a man in the front row. "Yes!", she answered. "Tell him that he can have my girlfriend, and I will have you, just for five minutes" he proposed. Only Enrique Iglesias can make wife-swapping sound this cool.

And then Enrique said the words that keeps concert security up at night: "Everybody who wants to come down here, do it!" Security was no match for the floodgates that opened up after that, with fans jumping the barrier to dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge the Reliant Stadium yellowshirts some more until reaching the stage.

He ended the night with the same song that started with, club anthem "Tonight (I'm Loving You)." There is no doubt that Enrique loves his fans, going outside of the normal realm of standards that most every other artist adheres to nowadays. And for that, they love him back wholeheartedly.

Personal Bias:: I've been listening to Enrique (unwillingly, of course, because I'm too macho to confess otherwise) since I was a 15-year old with a girlfriend who was absolutely obsessed with him.

The Crowd: 56,597 adoring fans, one mighty upset husband. I'm looking your way, Norma's husband.

Random Notebook Dump: The sound was a bit off last night. The fans didn't care, but as someone who goes to a million shows a year, I could definitely notice.

Turkey Leg Report: I've never seen so many turkey legs being consumed as I did last night. So I fell into the temptation and ate one myself. My tummy immediately regretted making that decision.


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