Last Night: Flawless Escape At 2016 Mainstage

Flawless Escape 2016 Mainstage September 14, 2010

Flawless Escape knows how to make an entrance. The four-piece band kicked off its 2016 Mainstage show Tuesday night with the frenetic groove of "Engagement," one of their best songs yet. In an ideal world, it would be their last performance; the audience would leap and touch the roof while reciting every word simultaneously.

"Engagement," either about a world rife with acrimony or extraterrestrial intelligence, has hit written all over it. The Mainstage audience, although small, showered Flawless' opening performance with enthusiastic praise.

Mainstage is a tiny, intimate venue. The 40 or so people on hand Tuesday sat comfortably with their gazes fixed on the four gentlemen rocking out in blue jeans. In a dream world, throngs of fans would be on their feet in a caffeinated jitter.

Flawless Escape may not be appreciable enough to fill a stadium, but they're authentic enough to make an indelible impression, and definitely engaging enough to enliven a graveyard. This became quickly apparent after the neck-snappingly animated "Closet." Scattered screams of "wooo!" rang out in the room.

"Did that wake you up a bit?" inquired lead singer Ajae.

A major part of Flawless Escape's appeal has to do with their showmanship. Lead vocalist Ajae is one hell of a theatrical performer; we're talking maniacal head bobs, wild leaps, backflips, and hand isometrics. He's also dangerous with his hands.

At one point, Ajae tied a tribal drum to his waist and cranked out some mean tunes. Guitarist Scott bristled with enthusiasm. Bassist Kurt exuded a modest cool, while drummer Riz led the band's lean, muscular tunes with his metronomic timekeeping.

Their chemistry is palpable. If the boys weren't in a band, you could visualize them hanging out at bars, smoking cigarettes and comparing sneakers.

Flawless Escape is poised to become a great band someday. For a group that's only been together for five years, they exhibit the polish and efficiency of an established act. But polish is only half the battle.

After the concert, the boys told Aftermath that they're gearing up for more gigs in Houston and Austin. Honing their craft on the road is a necessary step that will only get them closer to greatness.

Personal Bias: We have a preternatural affinity for metronomic drumming and flying dreadlocks.

Overheard In the Crowd: "They have a hint of Incubus."

The Crowd: Guys in polo shirts; girls in tight-fitting jeans.

Random Notebook Dump: Mainstage is laid-back and impossibly cozy.


Engagement Go Evolution Metamorphosis So Good PSA

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