Last Night: Florence + the Machine at Bayou Music Center

Florence and the Machine, Blood Orange Bayou Music Center May 2, 2012

If you skipped Florence and the Machine's show at Bayou Music Center on Wednesday, you might be out of luck. The English indie-poppers aren't likely to be playing the theater again anytime soon.

Judging by the sold-out crowd's enthusiastic response to the band's electrifying performance, Flo and the bros seem destined to be playing amphitheaters instead on the group's next trek through the U.S.

The drinks started flowing and the cameras started flashing almost as soon as the venue's doors opened Wednesday night as an army of young ladies wearing their cutest dresses filed in, boyfriends in tow. Clearly, this was a concert many had been looking forward to for some time -- at least since Florence + the Machine released their latest album, Ceremonials, last October. Given the rate at which pocket Canons were snapping away before the music even began, full play-by-play coverage of the show could probably be found live on Facebook.

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Nathan Smith
Contact: Nathan Smith