Last Night: Foo Fighters At Stubb's

It doesn't make Rocks Off feel happy to say that he sometimes doesn't get into all the shows that he thinks he is entitled to seeing by some inner decree he has made to himself. Sometimes we have to sit out the cool stuff, but that doesn't mean we can't stand outside the said cool stuff and review what we hear, without the benefit of being there in person.

Strong men also cry.

This is a review of the Foo Fighters show last night at Stubb's, from the vantage point of the bridge directly behind the stage. The event was a corporate SXSW show, meant only for those with interactive badges, seeing that the show was the closing treat for that other, more bath-oriented side of SXSW.

Why the band couldn't have stuck around to close the music side of the festivities is beyond us. We only have a music badge, leaving us like the proverbial bridge trolls that we see ourselves as anyway. Sad face.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty