Last Night: Houston Rap's Creme De La Creme At House Of Blues

Crème de la Crème feat. Killa Kyleon, B L A C K I E, Hollywood FLOSS House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room) June 8th, 2011

If you missed the Crème de la Crème event last night at the Bronze Peacock - and judging from the sparse attendance you probably did - then you missed one helluva show. A full spectrum from the new school of Houston hip-hop came out to support and perform in front of a diverse and appreciative crowd.

The ATL rapper Donnis was originally on the bill, but due to "unforeseen circumstances," was unable to make the show that included Hollywood FLOSS and B L A C K I E as openers. Off the bench to save the night was none other than local product Killa Kyleon. Fat Tony served as the night's host, while the Krackernuttz' DJ Elroy Boogie supplied the soundtrack.

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First up onstage was Hollywood and his T.H.E.M. crew mates hasHBrown and John Dew. We were a bit surprised that FLOSS didn't give us one of his stickers and take our photo for his Web site, but we're sure he will next time around.

Looking as fresh as his name implies, Floss bounced up and down the stage with his smooth rhymes and determined delivery during "She a Dime," much to the amusement of B L A C K I E, who was chillin' in the front row smiling. Floss made sure to shout out his Twitter handle before closing with "Shut It Down" and doing about a hundred push-ups in front of the stage.

Fresh off of his main stage performance at Summer Fest, B L A C K I E proceeded to turn on the switch that transforms him from quiet nice guy to full-on raging-hurricane noisemaker. Many in the crowd, including the security, did not know how to handle his performance, and probably had nightmares after seeing his show.

Fat Tony had to step in and calm down one of the House of Blues staffers who looked about ready to shut down his set and the accompanying mosh pit. But as he always does, B L A C K I E won over a score of new fans who will no doubt jump at the chance to see him again. Where's your helmet?

"Come fuck with me like I owe you money!" yelled Killa Kyleon as he prompted everyone to congregate close to the stage for his turn on the mic. Drinking straight Hennessy, he began by paying homage to Pimp C by leading chants of "R.I.P! P-I-M-P!", then diving right in to the track "60 G's" from the Candy Paint N Texas Plates mixtape. Such a great use of one of the Pimp's most memorable lines.

Jack Freeman joined Killa onstage for "Make Me," which prompted Free and Yves from The Niceguys to two-step their way onstage. The Southeast Beast, Doughbeezy, then pleaded with the crowd to "Pass The Swisher."

Killa finished the set with his verse from the "Moon & Stars" Remix and a swagged out freestyle set to Trina's "Make It Rain." There was a white boy in skinny jeans upfront who seemed to be Killa's No. 1 fan, prompting the chants of "White Boy Swag! White Boy Swag!"

In the end, the show was attended by few but enjoyed by all. Good music, good people, good night. We couldn't ask for more.

Personal Bias: Slowly building up my swag before it's too late!

The Crowd: Pleasant and enjoyable

Overheard In the Crowd: "It's Reggie Bush & Kool Aid!"

Random Notebook Dump: Need. Sleep. Soon...

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