Last Night: Justin Nava Benefit At Numbers

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Justin Nava Benefit Numbers June 19, 2011

All day Sunday, a few hundred people came went from Numbers, in support of The Last Place You Look vocalist Justin Nava, who broke his collarbone a few months back and was without insurance.

The night was filled with good tunes, good people and plenty of smiling faces onstage, all of whom gave a shout-out to the man of the evening, who admitted in turn he thought it a little weird that the night was all about him.

Don't misunderstand that, though. Nava was grateful for everything going on, but have you ever been the center of attention for nine straight hours? It can be a bit nerve-racking, which is why Aftermath (and everyone else) made sure Nava always had a drink in his hand.

Beginning the long evening's entertainment, Atlantes surprised and enthralled us with their melodic, somewhat heavy prog-rock. There weren't any vocals, and the song names weren't the most creative, but the lead singer admitted it, saying, "I'm lazy." Nonetheless, the music itself was fantastic. And isn't that what music is about, anyway?

Later, Nava took the stage by himself, aided only by an acoustic guitar. He performed three songs from a solo project he's been working on, finishing his set with an acoustic version of The Last Place You Look's "Band to Save Me," which has been getting played on 94.5 The Buzz pretty frequently and has become the band's biggest hit to date.

"If you guys want to hear this song done right, come see us Friday at Warehouse Live," he said from the stage, promoting his band's upcoming show, which he and his band mates hope will give them a jumpstart in funds to finance their next album.

As the evening continued, more bands got onstage, plenty of drinks were consumed, and we even saw a few people at the door donate more than the $10 asked for for entry. It was, after all, for a good cause, and Nava seemed more than appreciative.

Unfortunately, we missed A-dream Asleep's set, as we had to leave and eat dinner with our dad (pesky Father's Day), but we made it back in time to catch Another Run and Floorbound, and both bands put on quite the show.

Another Run just finished shooting their first music video, "What Happened," and it's become the talk of much of the music community on Facebook, and it received plenty of applause from the crowd as they began performing it two or three songs into their set.

Having never seen them live before, we weren't familiar with any of their other songs, and we were happy to hear that, while "What Happened" is quite the jam, the rest of their repertoire is just as fun.

Now all we've got to do is buy their album.

Floorbound closed out the evening for the local acts, which was fitting since two of the group's members put together much of the show, and it was quite the finale. Everyone had had a few too many drinks, and while it didn't keep the members of Floorbound from putting on a hard-hitting, energetic performance (in fact, it may have helped), it did make for some interesting onstage banter.

No matter who was set to play, we would have been there to support a local musician, and we assume that was the mindset of most people in attendance... though it surely helped that the lineup was strong and included an eclectic group of talented musicians.

The crowd wasn't as big as we had hoped it would be, but it was hard to tell exactly how many people came and went during the eight or nine hours that the show lasted. And every dollar helps, so we want to especially laud those musicians who gave their time to play a show for free.

This Friday's TLPYL show at Warehouse Live is the next chance you'll get to help out. Though the funds won't go directly to Nava, they will go toward his band's music. And since music is a big, big part of Nava's life, we guess you could say that it's kind of the same thing.

Personal Bias: We've known Nava for a while now, and he and the rest of his band (and 99 percent of those involved in our music scene, for that matter) work their butts off to provide quality entertainment for plenty of Houstonians, so we were more than happy to give back.

Overheard In the Crowd: [Ed. Note: An extremely crude joke about TLPYL and Hinder.]

Random Notebook Dump: The lead singer for the band who filled in for Cavernous, Wings Burn Away, may look a bit lanky, but he can scream and rock the stage with the best of them. The band's set was great, and we wished we didn't have to leave halfway through their performance.

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