Last Night: Keith Urban At RodeoHouston

Keith Urban Reliant Stadium March 8, 2011

Aftermath was all set at 8 p.m. to go to the Rodeo and witness Australian country star Keith Urban perform miracles like the ones we'd been hearing about on the Internet for the past few days. We listened to some country love songs, put on a skirt, and left the house; 20 minutes later, we realized that, in a haze of hairspray and Moscato, we had somehow forgotten our tickets at home.

Fast-forward 40 minutes later and we're arriving at the Urban show almost halfway through his set, which evidently was a bit short.

As soon as we caught our breath from running up the steep Reliant ramps while simultaneously holding our skirt, we were entranced by his charisma and perfectly lined middle part. We couldn't even master that follicle fault-line when we were in fifth grade and had a comb pick.

Urban's highlighted locks complimented his brown button-up that was strategically unbuttoned to reveal a chest tattoo. He's a looker and clearly had the cowgirls yearning, but he's not just a pretty Aussie boy. He completed a number of impressive guitar solos, all while keeping his hair perfectly parted and working the hell out of the camera.

Before we arrived, according to anonymous Twitter sources, Urban had already played some of his hits, including "Put You In a Song" and "I Wanna Love Somebody Like You." He also covered an old love song called "Always On My Mind" originally performed by Brenda Lee and, later, Elvis, B.B. King, and Willie Nelson.

Many people were filing out early by 9:30 p.m., and unfortunately may have missed the best part of the show. At the end of "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," Urban jumped down from the stage and onto the stadium floor, where he proceeded to circle the entire perimeter, giving everyone on the first row high-fives and possible mild attacks of hysteria.

He even cleared the railing on the gate to walk directly into the crowd, introduce himself, and ask if they were having a good time. Part of us wanted to run to the section and see what we could legally get away with, but our cardio maxed out after that first ramp. When Urban got back down to the floor of the stadium, he briefly stopped to take a picture - still singing - and made his way back to the stage.

The trip around the stadium didn't take Urban too long, even with the pause for crowd conversations. He introduced his band again, and thanked Houston for the new belt buckle he had purchased earlier.

The camera zoomed in for the money shot, and we felt the entire arena swoon as we all caught a glimpse of Urban's midriff. He sang "Day-O" for a few seconds before going into "Deep In The Heart of Texas" and called it a night.

Personal Bias: It may have been kind of corny and we may not dig the love ballads, but we're also pretty cynical. He looked great doing it.

Overhead in the Crowd: "Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman? I saw her boobs the other day on my TV!"

Random Notebook Dump: Shout-out to the couple who told us the concert was over already. Well played.

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