Last Night: Kylie Minogue At Verizon Wireless Theater

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Her two female backup singers were stationed on either side of the vaulted stage, and acted as a sort of Greek chorus with the dancers to Minogue's music. By her nature, she makes ethereal music, as sleek and elegant as the curves on a fine antique automobile. It's an old-school glamour that died with the old Hollywood guard, but she has remade and molded it into her music.

As a veteran of big-budget shows from Lady Gaga, Kesha, and their ilk this past year, Tuesday's show only reiterated that Minogue doesn't get as much love as she in fact deserves. "Wow" from 2007's X came with expert timing and dancing.

And boy, does she know what to give her crowds of adoring men. How do these dudes stay in shape on tour, and does said tour have a resident waxologist on staff?

Tuesday, her biggest stateside hit, 2002's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," was remade into a pop-metal nugget with a red-and-black motif. It's always been a creepy, stalker-ish track; hell, just listen to what the Flaming Lips did to it that same year live and in the studio.

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Craig Hlavaty
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