Last Night: Marilyn Manson at House of Blues

Marilyn Manson House of Blues May 13, 2012

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"It's Mother's Day. Anybody here have my child, or is my child?" howled Marilyn Manson from the stage at the House of Blues Sunday, just as he and the band ended "Disposable Teens" in a flurry of fog and stomp. For a good number of fans in the crowd who responded with reverence, he is their father, if only because he gave them sight and identity so many years ago.

Manson hadn't been in the Bayou City in more than four years, making Sunday's sold-out show even more of an event for local Manson fanatics. He's touring behind this month's new Born Villain, an LP so lustful and tongue-in-cheek that it sounds like a 21st century retelling of David Bowie's Scary Monsters, albeit with his trademark snarl and sass.

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Craig Hlavaty
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