Last Night: Miss Mykie's Love Repair Premiere

6:14 p.m.: Tonight (Sunday), tiny R&B dynamo Miss Mykie will debut the movie version of her enjoyable and dexterous recent EP, Love Repair. They're being a bit liberal with the term "movie" - it's really an eleven minute music video - but still, it's a pretty neat thing. At the moment, there are already handfuls of people showing up, with many more likely to follow.

6:18: Quick scan of the room for recognizable faces: Marcus Manchild is here; he co-stars in the movie with Mykie, so that's not terribly surprising; Nate from AMG is here; Killa Kyleon is here and J-Mac from The Box is here, all interesting guys who are good at their jobs.

The previous two times we've seen J-Mac out he was wearing a black shirt with diamondy wings on the back. Tonight, he's in a white version; it is after before Labor Day, after all. Maybe Ed Hardy did a J-Mac Collection? That'd be pretty ill. That'd mean he's inspired a children's book and a clothing line, son. J-Mac is making the world a better place. What are you doing?

6:25: Would it surprise you if we told you that there is a guy here with a Mohawk? No? Of course not. That's pretty typical. But what about if we told you that there is a guy here with a shag? No? Still not weird enough. Okay. What about a guy with a hoop in his nose? Or what about a guy with those earrings that stretch your earlobes out to a ridiculous circumference?

Still no? Okay, okay. But what if we told you that that's all the same guy? Jesus Christ, man. How do you have the first three of those going on and look in the mirror like, "You know what would really set this look off? More bizarre shit on my face and head, yo! That's what!"?

6:33: Miss Mykie's here. Has her skin ever looked not smooth and radiant? She's like a walking Cover Girl commerical. Cool. Her Mohawk is especially poignant-looking too. It's big. She's actually pulling the back part of it in a wagon behind her.

6:45: Okay, they're letting folks in now. There's a remarkable number of people here right now. There's no way they all get seats.

7:15: Okay, first you need to know that there is a great deal of space between each row of seats because the waiter needs room to bring you the terrible food that you'll order while you're here. And Yung Chill, founder of the Keys and Ink studio and one of the main guys tonight, has just made an announcement that all of the people who are standing will have to leave because it's a fire hazard for them to stand along the wall. Got it? Cool.

7:17-7:28: All right, a reductionist retelling of the movie: Miss Mykie and Marcus Manchild are dating and live together. Manchild is having an affair. Mykie is understandably upset. She texts him. He does not respond. She destroys his living room. She drives away. She ends up at a hospital. She runs to a room in the hospital. She sees herself in the bed. The doctor can't fix her. It's her heart. It's beyond (love) repair.

Another doctor* comes in. She gives her some medicine that makes her drowsy. Mykie wakes up. She goes home. Marcus is there. He fusses at her. She pushes him. He fusses some more. He curiously decides to drink a beer mid-argument. He fusses some more. The movie ends with an implication that they'll end up back together and a To Be Continued... stamp.

*A quick aside: The second doctor that comes in is a young woman dressed in a T-shirt that looks like it was purchased at Forever 21 and some other trendy jeans. She even has her shirt tied up to make it more fitting. Her existence might be a metaphor for something, but it feels a bit more like she was someone that asked Mykie if she could be in the movie so they wrote her into it real quick. We might be totally wrong about that.

7:28:30: Cool stuff. You can't help but appreciate how th - oh shit, a concert has just broke out. Miss Mykie and two dancers are on stage. Dancing, singing, rapping. Cool, cool. Wasn't expecting that.

The sound is a bit off, but it's still pretty easy to decipher that Mykie is a talented performer. She's doing stuff off Love Repair, and finishes with her single that she has with Ricky Ross. This might have been exceptional were the mechanics right. Neat moment. Her music is clearly built for national fame. That seems pretty inarguable. As does the fact that she's maybe one or two singles away from cashing in on that potential.

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Shea Serrano