Last Night: Nekromantix, The Howlers And The Mutilators At The Warsaw

Nekromantix, The Howlers, The Mutilators The Warsaw July 13, 2010

Last time Aftermath visited the Warsaw for its (not so) grand opening, the turnout was terrible. This time around, we were pleasantly surprised to see that some Houstonians actually showed up. The place was packed with psychobilly and punk fans who didn't try to hide their excitement, and it was a bit contagious; the lack of air conditioning didn't even get to us this time.

As far as Aftermath could tell, this was both the perfect concert for a Tuesday night - great for spicing up an otherwise dull work week - as well as a chance for the Warsaw to see some exposure. And if it keeps booking punk/rockabilly-esque groups, the place could see a serious boost in business from a group of fans who aren't too well-represented in Houston.

When we entered the Warsaw, we were greeted by an oversized baby onstage wearing a bloody diaper and bonnet, two surgeons in jumpsuits with a bloody guitar and a bloody cello and a drummer whose drums were covered with (can you guess it?) blood.

Hi, The Mutilators. Nice to meet you. We're Aftermath, and you just made us smile.

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