Last Night: O'Brother & Junius At Warehouse Live

O'Brother, Junius, The Tempest Warehouse Live March 11, 2012

Check out our slideshow from O'Brother and Junius last night.

Maybe it was the gloomy, chilly weather and maybe it was the scads of cold medicines we'd been taking all day, but Rocks Off found ourselves in a weird headspace on Sunday night. It was a very quiet evening; the whole city seemed to be asleep, preferring to stay warm and well clear of the nasty drizzle hanging in the air.

Dreary and isolating as conditions were, it was the perfect, sleepy night to experience O'Brother and Junius, two heavy (really heavy) rock acts with a taste for exploring the unknown boundaries of the unconscious mind.

Local openers The Tempest kicked off the rock at Warehouse Live on Sunday night with a high-energy set of thrashing metalcore, but there would be no windmill kicks on display in the audience. The small crowd that turned out Sunday night hadn't driven downtown to mosh.

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Nathan Smith
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