Last Night: Of Montreal At Fitzgerald's

Of Montreal, Cults, Roman GianArthur, Kishi Bashi Fitzgerald's March 11, 2012

This was a sold-out show where all of the acts really put on a, well, show. Although the theatrics Of Montreal provided at previous shows was toned down, they still delivered a spectacle. In fact, all of the billed acts were a visual and auditory treat.

Of Montreal may be a little gimmicky at times, but they're always... fun. That's my complex analysis of whatever Of Montreal comes up with. They're not to be overanalyzed. They're just simple, innocent fun.

So, three-quarters of the way through their set, a character clad in a gas mask and a glittery cape flashed two large pillows on his chest to the audience. That got a couple of chuckles and then the next song was a danceable number. That was far toned down from the time lead singer Kevin Barnes emerged from a coffin wearing shaving cream.

Or that time he sang naked, just because.

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Alexa Crenshaw