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Pretty Lights Free Press Summer Fest June 3, 2012

I decided for this show I would take a different viewpoint and setting. Normally, I'm the one dancing close up. But Sunday night, for once at an EDM artist's show I sat up on the hill overlooking what I normally take part in. May I say... Holy crap! Being there and seeing what you normally take part in is insane.

At 9 p.m. on the dot, the lights were set and ready to go. The setup could not have been better. Unlike Afrojack the night before, Pretty Lights had Stage 1 packed all the way up to the hills where the portapotties were. (A bit far, if you really were wondering.) The Houston skyline was to my right, and I was looking down on Pretty Lights and the crowd on the hill.

The scene was captivating. Rage staffs flown high into the air. Texas flags waving high and proud. Colorado's Pretty Lights, a.k.a. Derek Vincent Smith, shot his own lights from all directions at the crowd.

Smith got his start within hip-hop and has since worked into trance-hop, dubstep, soul and glitch-hop. His appearance onstage got the crowd going -- everyone was screaming, on their feet and dancing. The music stopped, and then Smith spoke: "That's weak as fuck."

Bam! As if the music couldn't get better, it most certainly did. PL just had to tease us all. But I would not disagree with his ruse whatsoever.

I'll make some honest statements here and say that I find it hard as hell writing reviews at times. A show is then. It's there. Re-creation of that specific atmosphere is hard to give. Pretty Lights' atmosphere is one to experience.

He kept the crowd going constantly, switching his sounds up between blues, soul and dubstep. And if you know the power of Pretty Lights, you know that he can even add a little bit more Pretty to bluegrass standard "Wayfaring Stranger."

Now no one was expecting a guest appearance during the set. But Houston's own Bun B got up. I may say being on the hill, at this point everyone was on their feet, even "hillsideians."

"Y'all getting high off the music?!" asked Stevens.

It was clear that if most weren't already, they were now.

As if the lights, music, PL himself and a Bun B appearance weren't enough, fireworks shot into the sky.

Pretty Lights ended with none other than pretty lights.

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