Last Night: Rusko at Stereo Live

Rusko Stereo Live May 22, 2012

See video of Rusko freaking out on the way to his tour bus Tuesday.

With Rusko as your main act on Tuesday night, it was clear that everyone better be able to wake the fuck up and get their ass up. It was crystal that Rusko follows his own rules.

A line outside the door before Stereo Live opened showed Rusko's fans' loyalty, or the fact that they just wanted a good spot in the standing-room venue. Not till 12:15 a.m., however, did Rusko take the stage.

Hands rose into the air and Rusko came onto the stage yelling something into the microphone. I'm going to be honest and tell you what was said, and much was said by Rusko in very few words. To be honest, though, the man was a little too British for me to understand and seemed to have pure mush-mouth.

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