Last Night: Rusko at Stereo Live

Rusko Stereo Live May 22, 2012

See video of Rusko freaking out on the way to his tour bus Tuesday.

With Rusko as your main act on Tuesday night, it was clear that everyone better be able to wake the fuck up and get their ass up. It was crystal that Rusko follows his own rules.

A line outside the door before Stereo Live opened showed Rusko's fans' loyalty, or the fact that they just wanted a good spot in the standing-room venue. Not till 12:15 a.m., however, did Rusko take the stage.

Hands rose into the air and Rusko came onto the stage yelling something into the microphone. I'm going to be honest and tell you what was said, and much was said by Rusko in very few words. To be honest, though, the man was a little too British for me to understand and seemed to have pure mush-mouth.

However, it didn't matter what he said, of course. The crowd was ready to get their "Skanker" face on, and get some "Woo Boost" in their systems.

Skanker face? basically take a cutout of Rusko's head, cut out an "O" shape in the mouth area and of course cut eye holes. The mouth shape made it easy for the few with masks on to drink, but many have their own Skanker face and dance.

The Woo Boost is simple: Mimic Rusko shouting F-bombs, while dancing to the melodic song with plenty of bass.

Rusko obviously has his own style, which Tuesday included cursing, yelling and dancing through most of his set. Hell, if a DJ can dance that hard and keep the beats going, it can be assured that the crowd couldn't stop dancing. That is, until rumors started going through the crowd.

At times the music would somewhat glitch or stop. I don't know if this was Rusko himself or people behind the sound booth. Not to mention that the few words I understood clearly from Rusko's mush-mouth talking were F-bombs left and right. Since "Woo Boost" wasn't playing, which entails repeated F-bombs, I assumed something had to be up.

So cue the rumors:

One was that, due to the packed venue, the fire marshal was called in. Many thought that the show was trying to be shut down. This brought back horrid memories for me of Skrillex's show of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Dallas last year. The fire marshals actually shut down that event due to the massive number of people and the fact that ambulances were on hand to take care of some attendees.

No worries, this rumor proved to be false at Tuesday's show.

Another rumor was that the music may have been too loud. But having been to Stereo Live before, that rumor made me laugh in its lying, filthy face. Yes, the music was loud and the bass hit hard, but that's no reason for Rusko's crazy actions and cursed-up ways.

That rumor went straight to the garbage.

The most obvious other rumor was that Rusko perhaps was a little too messed-up himself. This wasn't hard to doubt one bit. Having seen Rusko before, I can assure you he is one raunchy dub DJ, but never have I seen him go out of his mind, literally. It certainly seemed that he was.

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