Last Night: The Houston Press Music Awards Showcase, Part Two

And the award for “Most Awesome Show Lasting Five Minutes” goes to Insect Warfare at Slainte. Not only did the set last five minutes, it featured noise-maven Austin from Concrete Violin. Glorious sounds of robots dying and various guttural sounds concluded with yours truly briefly thrown to the floor, as the sound guy shut down the show. Something about amp circuits being overloaded, and the monster Chthulu being summoned on Main Street. In a word: Bitchin’!

The best food I saw all day wasn’t the stale sandwiches in the press lounge; it was this sight at Bar Bollywood. That’s right. Cheap Indian food being served underground between sets. Word to the wise: It’s hard to make a cool impression talking up local bands with chutney on your face.

Here’s Jef With One F proclaiming the gospel of our Lord and Savior David Arquette, during Black Math Experiment’s set at Bar Bollywood. Their performance included beach balls, and Christmas presents at the end. Being downstairs, this show was a welcome respite from the awful sunshine that pervaded the afternoon. You can’t rock out in the sun, silly nature.

Dude, cheer up. Even though the Astros just lost 18-11 to a sub-par San Diego Padres, the Black Math Experiment is here to cheer you up. Now you can use that FBI starter kit to identify Jason Jennings’ corpse after disgruntled fans tar and feathered him outside the Juice Box.

This is Chris, a member of Satin Hooks’ drum corps that performed at Live Lounge. This picture was taken before he pummeled me to the pavement for making fun of drum circles. My teeth sure made a cool rattle inside that drum, I tell ya.

-- Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.