Last Night: The Legendz of the Streetz Went on So Long They Cut Off Rick Ross' Microphone

Rick Ross at the Legendz Of The Streetz Tour.
Rick Ross at the Legendz Of The Streetz Tour. Photo by Jennifer Lake

They cut the headliner's microphone midway through his performance and turned on the lights.

With a hip-hop lineup too stacked for one of the city's many night clubs, Toyota Center was the host for Saturday evening’s The Legendz of the Streetz tour. As it turned out, the lineup may have been too jam packed for even the Toyota Center — the concert ran until headliner Rick Ross’ microphone was cut and venue lights were turned on midway through his performance.

Even though his set was abruptly ended without warning, the “Hustlin” star was still able to get out a number of hits and even dedicate one of his tunes to a fan in the front row who caught his attention. “You’ve been reppin' all night baby. Do you mind if I play his next song for you?” He asked before rolling into “Diced Pineapples” and rapping the first verse of the song to her.

Aptly named due to its tenure of deeply-rooted hip-hop acts, the star-studded event quickly had the arena seats filled as nobody wanted to miss the action. It’s rare to see this many headlining acts together without being in music festival territory.

With Houston being a major city in rap culture, some of the performing legends took time to pay homage to the city’s own legends. Atlanta rapper Jeezy, who strolled out wearing an airbrushed Pimp C memorial shirt, started the homage with a cell phone lit memorial.
click to enlarge Jeezy wearing a Pimp C shirt. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Jeezy wearing a Pimp C shirt.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
“I want all of you to get your cell phone lights on. We’re going to do this one for Pimp and Screw. We’re going to do this Front and Back, and Side to Side! They’re the real legends, lets light it up for them!”

Jeezy’s inspirational persona took over the stadium and gave us the most energetic performance of the night. Know also as “Pastor Jeezy” and with albums like Thug Motivation the raspy voiced motivational speaker continued to talk to the crowd about following your dreams before closing out his set with “I Luv It” and walking off to a cheering ovation. Jeezy can’t seem to lose, literally winning a recent rap “Verzuz” battle with performing artist Gucci Mane. Both had been feuding since 2005.

Lil Kim also dedicated a large amount of her set to a legend, the Notoriouse B.I.G. Kim dated B.I.G. before he was murdered in 1997 after he discovered her at a rap show.
click to enlarge Lil' Kim with her crew of dancers. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Lil' Kim with her crew of dancers.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
“Where my B.I.G. n***** at? Going for my family ‘till I die. B.I.G. forever!” She exclaimed during her set. Kim’s performance was a strong women empowering set showcasing the originator of the dominating female artist such as Nicki Minaj and Houston’s own Megan Thee Stallion.

A night of legends and legends honoring legends, with so many artist accounting for numerous top 100 hits, the show was a non-stop party. And pictures from backstage show J. Cole, who has a show Sunday night at Toyota Center, showed up to show support.
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