Last Night: The Walkmen At Fitzgerald's

The Walkmen Fitzgerald's March 3, 2011

Walk yourself on over to our slideshow to see more pics from the concert.

"Play the rock, already!" yelled an impatient spectator toward the empty Fitzgerald's stage. Fans at Thursday's sold-out show (an understatement) were awaiting New York rockers The Walkmen - and impatiently so, evidently.

Touring in support of their sixth album, 2010's Lisbon, The Walkmen took the stage fashionably late and fashionable in general; they looked like well-groomed members of a prep-school elite who just happen to moonlight as gritty garage-rockers.

We spoke with Walkmen organist Walter Martin earlier this week about the resurgence of popularity Lisbon has seemed to bring the band. It's always tough for bands to follow-up on such a strong debut album; The Walkmen's impressive 2002 debut Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone quickly turned even the most critical indie heads.

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Neph Basedow
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