Last Night: Turnin' Headz Rap Showcase at The Mink

Turnin' Headz The Backroom at the Mink July 7, 2011

10:18-10:50 p.m.: So, our intention tonight was to head over to The Mink for this Turnin' Headz underground rap showcase after going to see the premiere of new music videos from local rappers Montana, The Niceguys and Thurogood* Wordsmith at Sanctuary Lounge on Washington. However, there was some problem with file-conversions for the video DVD or whatevs so now they're not going to be able to play the videos until about 11 p.m., which basically means we came to Sanctuary Lounge just to hang out, and no one should ever do that.

Sanctuary is in the same building that used to house Block 21 used. Block 21 was cool and impressive and attractive; Sanctuary should've turned out the same, but it didn't. You know what it feels like? It feels like the way Mallory from Natural Born Killers made you feel. She probably should've been sexy - or at least attractive - but mostly she just felt unsettling and a little icked-out. Time to go before someone starts playing Eeny Meeny Miny Moe**.

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Shea Serrano