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Laughing & Rhyming: 4 Great Hip Hop/Comedy Crossovers

Fans of Childish Gambino can be split in to two groups: those who like hip hop and appreciate his wordplay, and those who use the phrase "I don't normally like hip-hop but..." before admitting that they just happen to like the guy from Community a lot. That he's a strong enough on the mike to gain the appreciation of the first group without alienating the second is a testament to his abilities.

On his new mixtape, Royalty, Gambino made the controversial decision to actually work with other MCs. It was a risky move for a guy who got his rap name from the Wu Name Generator to rap with RZA, and one that could alientate some fans. Those in the second group who didn't like the hip-hop guest appearances had their patience rewarded with one they knew was geared specifically toward them: Tina Fey.

There are those much smarter than I who would say the use of Fey was a commentary on the nature of hip-hop skits; they'd probably use the word paradigm somewhere. For me it was just a reminder of some of my favorite guest appearances by comedians in hip-hop's past. And while Fey saying "racks on racks" is funny, it's not quite as good as what some other comedians have brought to the table.

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