Legendary Pink Dots

A music store's status as "eclectic" is defined by one thing, and one thing only: Does it carry music by the Legendary Pink Dots? Quite possibly the most avant-garde of the avant-garde, the Holland-based psychedelic minstrels have never skipped Houston on their many North American tours. This time through, listen for works from the Dots' latest album, Plutonium Blonde. Each Dots show is a truly transcendental experience that can only be described in the terms one would normally reserve for the throes of pagan rituals. Best of all, the Dots cart their entire catalog of over 40 full-length releases, making quite a scene at the merch table. This can be a real coup, as their work is very hard to find locally — kudos as always to Vinal Edge for keeping the faith. The Dots have also (finally) succumbed to the magic of the Internet, and even have a MySpace page, so it's never been easier to dive into the most surreal world ever laid down on recordings. Don't miss this wonderful, brain-damaging art.

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